Lazio the mysterious side of the Etruscan land

Canale Monterano

Lazio the mysterious side of the Etruscan land

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Lazio the mysterious side of the Etruscan land

Lazio the mysterious side of the Etruscan land, in the Tuscia region –in the province of Viterbo – “the Etruscan mystery“, even if stirring in the atmosphere of abandoned cities and vast and silent necropolis, is revealed more so than in other Etruscan areas.

Long before the Etruscans became a part of history with the acquisition of writings, they were present in the numerous protovillanovian and villanovian necropolis (X-VIII cent. B.C). Here in the Tuscia region, when well-known destiny decided on their decline, the Etruscan entrusted his breath of immortality in the rocky monumental necropolis. Long bands unfold along the tufaceous slopes, in places that are still protected by an eternal mystery, where the bright green vegetation contrasts and enhances the dark red tuff.

This is the Tuscia, a land to discover in the name of culture, the first and greatest population in Italy, aware in millennial paths, to warn the knowledge of life in deserted homes and the numerous necropolis, and in all areas that a deep human experience has made sacred. Follow us on Facebook!




  • Visit to the only Popes Gallery in the world
  • Visits to the best Etruscan Necropolis
  • Visit to the ghost town of Monterano
  • Visits to Reinassance Palaces
  • Walking on the Devil’s bridge and on original Roman Road
  • Opportunity of visiting Rome or Viterbo
  • Wonderful food and wine of Latium Region


  • Traditional fresh pasta: Gnocchi alla romana, Bucatini, Tagliatelle ai carciofi, Pappardelle
  • Wines and liqueurs: Frascati Superiore, Vini DOC Colli Etruschi Viterbesi, Moscato di Terracina
  • Eggplants, courgettes, olives and artichokes preserved in olive oil

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