Meet a different Sicily

Meet a different Sicily

Meet a different Sicily, Sicily is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, with its fascinating geography and rich historical and cultural legacy. Every great Mediterranean civilization of the past 2500 years has left its mark on Sicily: the ancient Greeks scattered temples and theatres; the Romans, bridges and aqueducts; he Saracens, mosques and towers; and the Normans, churches and castles. Sicilians, however, don’t revel in their island’s traditions. Today, they speed unabated toward the future, installing condom-vending machine in front of medieval cathedrals and demonstrating against their most well known institution, the Mafia. The tempestuousness of Sicilian history and political life is matched only by the island’s dramatic landscape and climate.

The countryside is dominated by sheer, rock-strewn crags, and Europe’s highest volcano, Mt Etna, serves as uneasy reminder that Sicily rests on the edge of the European geologic plate. On this trip we explore great walking routes in the mountainous interior, follow coastal paths beside the Mediterranean in the Aeolian Islands, and even hike on the volcanic slopes of Mt. Etna – at 10,700 feet, the highest point on the island. Sicily’s colorful past has left behind an intriguing mix of prehistoric, Greek and Roman remains, along with evidence of Byzantine, Arab, Norman and Spanish conquests. Follow us on Facebook!


  • Visits to ancient eruptions
  • Visit to the famous Taormina, Siracusa and Mount Etna
  • Cheese, Olive oil & Wine tasting
  • Walking through vineyards immerse in lava


  • Traditional fresh pasta: Anelletti, Busiati, Cataneselle, 
  • Wines and liqueurs: Almanera, Arà, Melos, Passito di Pantelleria, Liquore fuoco dell’Etna
  • Cosacavaddu cheese, capers, Panella, Zuzzu, Menola fish

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What is included

1 wine & cheese tasting, 3 dinners in restaurant, 5 dinners, wine&beverages included, in hotel, 8 continental morning breakfast, 8 nights in hotel in Taormina, 8 packed or picnic lunches, All entrance fees in scheduled stops and local taxes, assistance of English/Italian speaking guide during the whole journey, Professional Official Guide, Transportation in private van 9 seats (8+1)

What is not included

– All not expressed in the “What is included”, − Personal Expenses