Sardinia's tastes

Sardinia’s tastes

Cradle of Nuragic civilization, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The keeper of a story that makes it an island of unique ethnic and linguistic peculiarities.

Everything here seems to be different from the rest of Italy: the food, the buildings, from music to language. This journey will take us to discover ancient knowledge and tastes, dialects and traditions, but at the same time varied landscapes, arts and crafts of one of the most famous Italian places.

Sardinian traditional cuisine is simple. Based on natural ingredients, but also rich, thanks to the variety of the area able to offer fresh products in every season. It’s also very creative, ready to daring combinations but always well done. The culinary tradition of Sardinia, despite her being island is not only or mainly marine, not being Sardinia is a land of fishermen only, and having always been cautious the relationship between the Sardinians and the sea.

Sardinian cuisine is indeed first of all linked to the shepherds and peasants. We will find out meat, cheeses, breads in different shapes, sweet cheese, almonds and honey, wines and spirits reminiscent of the flavors and scents of the Mediterranean . But when land and sea meet, where the fishing tradition is strong, the results are stunning, like the case of Bottarga. Follow us on Facebook!



  • Ancient knowledge handed down to prepare typical local products
  • Walks in nature, eating with shepherds and tasting wine
  • Visit to old boroughs, gather of wild herbs and relax on the beach


  • Traditional fresh pasta: Malloreddus, Ravioli, Seadas, Culurgionis, Panadas, Fregola Sarda
  • Wines and liqueurs: Nuragus, Monica, Girò, Nasco, Cannonau, Vernaccia, Acquavite, Mirto
  • Casizolu cheese, Fiore Sardo cheese, porceddu, bottarga, Carasau bread, sheep meat, olive oil

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What is included

2 visits to wine cellars and tasting of wine and local products, 9 nights in Hotel 3***, all cooking workshops, assistance of English/Italian speaking guide during the whole journey, FB treatment – Breakfast and lunch/dinners, lunch/dinners after each workshops, transport and transfers in GT Bus or 9-seater coach, truffle hunting with a skilled guide and lunch with white truffle, visits to ancient monasteries

What is not included

– All not expressed in the “What is included”, 1 dinner with lobster in Alghero, flights to and from Cagliari, Optional activities, − extra drinks, − Personal Expenses