GREECE: Crete and Santorini

Greece: Crete and Santorini

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Greece: Crete and Santorini

Greece is known throughout the world as the land of sun and sea. Our tour will partially explore some of the best areas of Greece where human culture and traces of the glorius past has been mixed with the beauty of the unspoilt nature of the country.

The first place will be the island of Crete. The largest in Greece, that embrace an infinite store of mosques and monasteries, mountain villages, gorges, grottoes, and beaches. Places to be visited include: Knossos, the most famous archaeological site in Crete, with a Minoan city that thrived 3500 years ago; Samaria Gorge, spectacular ravine that cuts through heavy forests and sheer granite cliffs.

The second place will be the island of Santorini, wildly beautiful and dramatic as the cataclysm that carved it, a massive volcanic eruption that gave rise to the Atlantis legend and is believed by many to have destroyed the Minoan civilization in Crete. Here we can walk along the ridge of what remains of an active volcano.

The group will meet in Heraklion Airport , Crete, and leave from Santorini Airport. Follow us on Facebook!


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