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Apulia, the heel of Italy’s boot

Tour Highlights

Nestled between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, lies the captivating region of Puglia, also known as the ‘Heel of the Italy’s boot’. For centuries this stretch of land has been the gateway to the East and has been home to numerous civilizations, including Greeks, Romans, Spanish and Turks, who have left a deep mark in the architecturefood and local dialects.

Puglia will surprise you with its picturesque landscape, ancient hilltop townsemerald waters, and lush farmlands dotted by endless groves of silvery-gray olive trees, low drystone walls hugging agricultural plots the size of throw-rugs. Here you’ll find the people welcoming and down-to-earth. The cuisine fresh, rustic and satisfying, with simple, tasty dishes such “orecchiette” pasta served with a sauce of turnip-tops or fresh tomato and sheep’s ricotta-cheese, and “burrata” (soft mozzarella and cream cheese). This region is a real food lovers paradise: welcome to your perfect escape, welcome to Puglia. Follow us on Facebook!

Tour Itinerary


    A transfer from Bari Palese Airport – We meet you at Bari Airport and transfer (2:30 hours) to our Masseria hotel in Supersano. Welcome talk and dinner in hotel.

    After breakfast we reach Uggiano to start our walk towards Otranto. Along ancient footpaths and immersing ourselves in the bright colors of the bucolic landscape of Salento, we pass by massive ancient farmhouse built as a defense against the attacks of the Turks before the historical Battle of Lepanto. From here, stretching his gaze to the east, the landscape is lost towards the coast, dominated by the ruins of Torre Sant ‘Emiliano fascinated by, one of the oldest coastal towers built on the orders of Charles V. We then reach Otranto, Unesco World Heritage, with its white, stunning historical centre.
    Breakfast in hotel. Packed or picnic lunch. Dinner in hotel
    10kms, no ascent, 4hrs

    The natural park of the Portoselvaggio Natural Park and swamp, which extends for several miles along the coast of Nardò, is an excellent example of the richness and variety of the nature of Salento. Starting from the tower Torre di Uluzzo, we leave for a circuit which leads to discover amazing views of the rocky coast and immediate hinterland with extraordinary prehistoric artifacts found in the Grotta del Cavallo, at the bay of Uluzzo. We finish the day with a visit to the beautiful ancient village of Nardò.
    Breakfast in hotel. Packed or picnic lunch. Dinner in hotel
    12kms, no ascent, 5hrs

    Today we walk to the beach! We will reach one of the most beautiful and historic bays of Salento, the bay of Porto Badisco: a mythical place, where perhaps landed Aeneas fleeing Troy. Not far away, well hidden and protected is the Grotta del Cervo, the Deer Cave, the most impressive Neolithic complex pictorial in Europe, with paintings in ocher and guano that depict hunters, deer and other abstract motifs with obscure meaning. Our final stretch will be on the ancient Via Salento, where we will find the small church dedicated to the Madonna della Serra, which stands alone immersed in the colors of the Mediterranean. Four more steps to reach the small village of Minervino, to enjoy a cool drink before we return to our hotel.
    Breakfast in hotel. Packed or picnic lunch. Dinner in hotel
    12kms, 80m ascent, 4:30hrs

    A non-walking leisure day to visit the surrounding villages of Gallipoli, Ostuni or simply relax.
    Breakfast in hotel

    The Natural Park of the coast of Ugento, in the municipality of the same name, protects a mosaic of habitats, including some of the most important wetlands in the province of Lecce, attended by all European species of herons and rare ferruginous, especially threatened at global level. Behind this stand the Serre Salento, a series of reliefs of great geological interest and flora, which descend towards the coast with gullies said “gravinelle”, densely vegetated with oak trees. The proposed route starts and finish at the farm of La Casarana Ugento.
    Breakfast in hotel. Packed or picnic lunch. Dinner in hotel
    10kms, 80m ascent, 4:00hrs

    We reach Muro Leccese, the old Messapia. After admiring its beautiful Piazza del Popolo, baroque jewel in stone, we will continue in an easterly direction along paths full of mysteries: the megalithic monuments, prehistoric remains of this part of the Salento. We will also stop at the botanical garden, once a old country mansion built in the classical rural style of the late nineteenth century, which covers over 35 hectares and houses a collection of rare cacti and tropical plants. We will then stop in Giuggianello, a village of ancient origins, to discover the traditions related to its religious rites.
    Breakfast in hotel. Packed or picnic lunch. Dinner in hotel
    15kms, 50m ascen, 5:00hrs
  • DAY 8: Departure day: SUPERSANO – BARI Airport

    A transfer back to Bari Palese Airport. – end of services.

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  • Countryside with a maze of prehistoric caves
  • Unbeatable views of ancient olive groves, whitewashed villages and age-old farmhouses
  • World Heritage sites of Otranto, Lecce, Gallipoli


  • Traditional fresh pasta: Orecchiette, Troccoli
  • Burrata, pallone di Gravina, sgagliozze, scapece
  • Wines and liqueurs: Primitivo di Manduria, Negroamaro di Terra d’Otranto, Amaro del Gargano, l’Ambrosia